Mazda 2 Saloon debut


I was browsing some car news earlier and was excited to hear that the Mazda 2 sedan, or saloon whatever you want to call it, will be revealed this month. It is due to be revealed at the Thailand international motor expo which will be on November the 28th so it can build up some hype before it hits the

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Chevrolet Cruze Review


The Chevrolet Cruze is another car that I have a fair amount of experience with as my wife owns one and depending on how our cars are parked, it is sometimes much more convenient for me to to take the Cruze instead of my Auris. Whilst I prefer driving my Auris I’m not exactly upset when I have to take

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Toyota Auris Review

2013 Toyota Auris Touring Sports 1

I own a Toyota Auris so I thought I would do a piece on a car that I have actually had a fair bit experience with. I bought my second hand Toyota Auris around a year ago now from a private seller in Liverpool who I kind of knew through a friend. She was the only owner before me and

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